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The Salcombe Apartments Guest Regulations

The Salcombe is one of the area’s most iconic buildings and holiday destinations, welcoming apartment owners and holiday makers for generations. ‘The Salcombe Regulations’ is designed to ensure everyone’s enjoyment and appreciation of this long-established property and the wonderful experience that it brings.

The Salcombe consists of 36 privately owned apartments. This leaflet has been prepared on behalf the owners, based on clauses in the long-leases of the apartments, statutory and regulatory health and safety requirements, resolutions voted for over the years by the owners through the Management Company, requirements of the building's insurers and some local planning and harbour regulations



  1. The apartment has the use of a  designated parking bay numbered (18) which is found on the car park at the same level as the Salcombe Reception.

  2. The car park spaces are not suitable for very large vehicles.

  3. Each bay allows for one car, and there is no extra space for trailers or boats.

  4. You must not park in any other space, other than your own.

  5. The only time that you may temporarily pull into another space is if you are unloading/loading your car.  If doing this, then one person must stay with the vehicle at all times to ensure it can be immediately moved if someone arrives for the space you're in.

  6. Additional cars must not be brought into the car park. Additional cars must use the public car parks around Salcombe.

  7. You must not park in the car park before your check in time.

  8. You must vacate your car park space once you have checked out, or beyond your check out time. Cleaners, linen deliveries, trades people and letting agents need to use the space in the short time between changeovers and arriving early or checking out late can cause issues for these people having nowhere to park.

  9. A parking permit for your apartment/space must be displayed in your car windscreen at all times. This can be found in the apartment lock box near reception.

  10. Your registration details and phone number must be written in the book at reception. This book is also used in the event of an emergency/fire alarm etc.


  1. When arriving at The Salcombe, please sign-in at the front desk in reception. Please ensure you fill out all sections within the book so that the Building Manager can contact you if required and she can advise on building occupancy in case of a fire or emergency.

  2. Outer doors of the building and the garden gates must always be kept locked. Keys and fobs must not be passed on to third parties.

  3. Fire doors, including apartment front doors, must not be obstructed or wedged open.

  4. The lift door must never be wedged open. This can cause the lift to go into fault mode which then renders the lift out of service.

  5. It is illegal to smoke in the common parts of the building.

  6. Barbecues of any kind (coal, gas, electric etc) are not permitted in apartments, on balconies or in the grounds or car parks. This is not only due to fire risk, but to prevent smells and fumes to other occupants.

  7. The communal areas of the building, gardens, pool area and car park may not be used for temporary or permanent storage of any items. The Building Manager will remove property left in these areas.

  8. A boat store, accessible with the communal access  key, is available at the ferry steps end of the garden for the storage of paddle boards, kayaks, garden furniture, fishing equipment, beach/pool toys etc.

  9. The Salcombe Company Limited, the directors and the owners accept no responsibility for boats, equipment, clothing and goods of any kind at the pontoon and ramp, in the garden, car park, slipway and the equipment store.

  10. Bins are provided in the bin store in the upper car park for all rubbish and household waste.

  11. Cardboard boxes must be broken down before putting in the bins.

  12. Glass must be placed in the separate glass bin. All waste is sorted and recycled at the waste sorting plant.

  13. Children should always be supervised on the pontoon, in the pool area and in the car park.

  14. Noise travels very easily in The Salcombe so please be considerate to other occupants.

  15. Please do not feed the seagulls.

  16. Washing or wet clothing must not be hung over balcony rails or left out to dry anywhere in the garden area.

  17. Laundry and drying facilities are provided on the main entrance level.


  1. The swimming pools within the garden present an inherent risk to persons in the garden area. There is no lifeguard and there is no supervision. It is the responsibility of adults to supervise children The pools are normally open between 08.00-18.00/08.00-20.00 and are covered when closed. The covers must not be removed for use outside opening times. The approximate temperature is 28°C

  2. Bathers must shower before entering the pool,

  3. Please remove any wet suits and wash off any salt or sand before using the pool.

  4. There is a lavatory directly accessible from the garden, and a lavatory/shower/changing room just inside the building at garden level. There is also an outside shower at the end of the orangery.

  5. Children under 15 must be supervised by an adult. Babies should wear disposable swim pants.

  6. The large pool is 1.8 metres deep nearest to the apartments reducing to 1.2m at the shallow end. A lifebuoy and rescue kit is provided alongside the pools.

  7. In the event of an emergency or accident activate the pool alarm system, dial 999 if appropriate and contact the Building Manager asap. A first aid kit is available from the Building Manager.

  8. In the event of accidental fouling of the water please ensure all bathers are evacuated from the pool. then contact the Building Manager.

  9. Residents are asked to make every effort not to trail water and or sand through the building when coming from the garden. Please wear a towel/robe and shoes when coming from the pool or garden.

  10. Inflatables, other than swimming aids, are not permitted.

  11. Diving or jumping into either pool is not permitted.

  12. The pool is not to be used whilst under the influence of alcohol.

  13. Do not walk on the pool cover.

  14. Only non-breakable glassware and crockery may be taken into the garden and pool area.

  15. The insurance policy only covers residents. Therefore, owners and renters must not invite nonresident guests to use the pool.


  1. Number 18 apartment provides accommodation for a maximum  number of  6 people  and this number should not be exceeded.

  2. Holiday guests may entertain guests only in the apartment that they are renting, not in the grounds.

  3. NO guests are permitted to use the pool due to lack of insurance cover.


  • Pets are not permitted at The Salcombe.


  • The pontoon is the property of The Salcombe. It is for the use of the Owners only for mooring boats.

  • If you want to bring a boat  / trailers you can arrange for them be be left at Batson Creek. Space can be booked in advance during holiday periods.   For moorings please direct your enquiries to the Salcombe Harbour Office, Tel: 01548 843791

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